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Art Comission Oil Painting by Marta Sytniewski Significant Art

St. Faustina had a vision of a painting. Her description of  of this vision commissioned a work of art that showed us that God’s Love is greater than our heaviest sins. If you have a vision of  a “Significant Art” painting that may be morally or intellectually important, I will be happy to paint it for you.


Your can help create an educational and moral message for the masses. Specify a topic or message you would like me to paint. Such as animal rights, cognitive research or unjust punishment. You may also commission me to paint something for a charitable cause or a significant event. Provide references for the proposed painting (personal stories, books, photos, research journal articles, etc). Indicate the suggested size of the painting. Please specify whether you offer to fund production costs, supplies, or other compensation.

Mail or email me the painting information . If the suggestion is approved, I will e-mail you back with painting specifications and the approximate time in which it may be completed. You will be updated with detailed photos and descriptions of the in-progress painting through my Blog or email.

Once the painting is completed you will have the option to purchase it at a fair price minus the cost of materials and compensation you previously provided.


Thank you for your commission proposals