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"Lateralization of Brain Function"

Marta Sytniewski

Oil on Canvas,  

40" x 60"

100% original, 100% hand panted

COPYRIGHT©Marta Sytniewski 2011.




 "Lateralization of Brain Function" paining provides and anatomically correct representation of the human brain and it suggests that art can and should be informative. Superior and lateral planes of the cerebral hemispheres are represented with incredible realism and appropriate texture.  All major gyri and sulci are easily identifiable. The longitudinal fissure is outlined with dark blue shadow to enhance the contrast between the right and left sides of the brain. The right hemisphere, in this painting, is darker than the left side because it cannot talk. It does not contain language regions (Broca's and Wernicke's Areas). Art that is neither pre-conceived nor intentionally formulated to communicate higher knowledge cannot talk either.


Formalist and expressionist theories have excluded and suppressed the role of rational though, cognitive value and informative potential of art. Past research measured lateral functional differences during creative activities by utilizing tasks that were limited in their intellectually or socially constructive potential. Results found in past research are unreadable because they tested creativity as a physical activity that was not intellectually challenging and that did not serve a higher purpose (a role beyond a visual, aesthetic or affective stimulus). The left hemisphere, in this painting, is textured with semitransparent folds and depicted in brighter colors to stress the necessity of an intellectual art movement. This painting introduces major features of the Artist's "Significant Art Theory": an encouragement to create art that is informative, socially constructive, technically skilled and aesthetically valuable.    




This painting features informative, educational and socially constructive content that identifies Marta Sytniewski’s independent Significant Art Theory


Marta Sytniewski's oil paintings are 100% hand painted, they are not computerized and they are not printed. M. Sytniewski’s paintings are authentic 100% artist labor oil paintings.


No reproductions, no limited editions and no copies have been made of  this Beautiful 100% ORIGINAL Marta Sytniewski oil painting.


The technical difficulty, advanced skill level, complex detail, intelligent composition, continuous painting production and education (Trained in art privately, independently and academically since early childhood. Completed B.A. Psychology with highest honors, pursuing M.A. Studio Art), talent of Marta Sytniewski and her work, and scarcity of similar art, combine to valuate Marta Sytniewski's oil paintings as especially lucrative assets with positive and fast-paced projected investment growth.


Marta Sytniewski paintings, her Significant Art Theory and her signature are protected by International and Federal Copyright and by Trademark Laws. COPYRIGHT © M.SYTNIEWSKI, 2011. All rights reserved.


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