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The technical difficulty, advanced skill level, complex detail, intelligent composition, continuous painting production and education (Trained in art privately, independently and academically since early childhood. Completed B.A. Psychology with highest honors, pursuing M.A. Studio Art), talent of  Marta Sytniewski and her work, and scarcity of similar art, combine to valuate Marta Sytniewski's oil paintings as especially lucrative assets with positive and fast-paced projected investment growth.


This painting features informative, educational and socially constructive content that identifies Marta Sytniewski’s independent Significant Art Theory


Marta Sytniewski's oil paintings are 100% hand painted, they are not computerized and they are not printed. M. Sytniewski’s paintings are authentic 100% artist labor oil paintings.


No reproductions, no limited editions and no copies have been made of  this Beautiful 100% ORIGINAL Marta Sytniewski oil painting.


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"Significant Art"

Marta Sytniewski

Oil, sable hair, and photograph’s of Marta Sytniewski’s independent research study on five canvases,  

24" x 126"

100% original, 100% hand panted

COPYRIGHT©Marta Sytniewski 2011.




     “Significant Art” demonstrates the intellectual and socially constructive potential of art as a criticism of Postmodern Art Theory through demonstration of Significant Art Theory. The first figure, in this five canvas painting, exhibits lack of emotion regulation in the face of failure. Extreme and public aggressive behavior is perceived as irrational, unsafe and thus, socially repelling. This woman has ripped apart crunched and destroyed her literary work as a failed struggle for intellectual growth and merit. This surrender of rational though is further enhanced by her partially nude appearance. In art, lack of emotion regulation and rejection of rational though is encouraged in expressionist and formalist art theories. The idea  of aesthetics as predominant factor in determining the value of art is referenced in the first figure's partial nudity. The content of the first portion of the series presents criticism of postmodern art theory.


      Political content in postmodern art theory (as the destruction of one's intellectual property in this painting) is admirable for its educative value, however it is extremely limited. Postmodern political art exposes, enhances and encourages negative evaluation of society. It criticizes and deconstructs every political, belief and value system without offering any solutions. Marta Sytniewski's Significant Art Theory encourages art to suggest socially-constructive behaviors as alternative actions, hope and solutions to difficult or stressful conditions. The second figure in this painting suggests a positive and constructive solution to the first figure's struggle. The second women has gathered and organized the literary work of the first figure. With a caring expression, the woman in the white dress is expressing support and encouragement toward a socially-repelling individual. In one hand she holds the literary work, in the other hand she presents alternative solutions to this situation. The right hand presents a pencil, a fan brush and a representation of the Divine Mercy painting. This is a message that intellect can be transcribed through art and that it can be offered to the public as support and encouragement for constructive behavior.


      The technical difficulty and advanced skill level of this work is another characteristic of Significant Art Theory and a direct criticism toward the devaluation of the execution and skilled labor in art of Postmodern Art Theory. The address toward the failure of devaluing technical ability and skillful execution in postmodern art is presented here with the suggestion of a constructive alternative. Significant Art pentaptych  features a revolutionary approach to collage. The literary work in this piece is the Artist's independent empirical research study "New Empathy Measure Finds Two Types of Cognitive Empathy". This research will be presented during the Association for Psychological Science, 24th Annual Convention, on May 24-27, 2012. The artists printed her original research study, choreographed chosen pages to be included in this paintings, took original photographs of those pages and incorporated her photographs into her paintings. This painting values the intellectual and technical accomplishments of original scientific research, professional writing, photography and skillful painting.